Gurjan 303 Grade

IS 303 COMMERCIAL PLYWOOD :- These are sheets of wood pasted together. However plywood comes in many specifications based on the chemical treatment of the wood and the glue used to bind the sheets together which determines its type of use.
Also – Plywood is available in multiple thicknesses from 6 mm to 19mm
We are serving as leading suppliers of Commercial Plywood .These plywood are superbly processed by employing advanced and latest cutting tools.

Alias Names Commercial Plywood
IS Code IS:303
Water resistantance They are only Moisture Resistant
Price Range / Square Feet Rs 40- Rs 110 for 19mm Boards
Raw Material Types / Species of wood veneers used Pinewo

od Veneers / Hardwood Veneers

Area of Applications Interiors
Used for Used in living room wardrobes / Furnitures where water exposure is almost nil
Thicknesses Available (in mm) 6 / 9 / 12 / 19
Normal Sizes (L X B) (in Feet) 8’x 4′