Gurjan Marine 710 Grade Plywood

IS 710 PLYWOOD :- There are a variety of ways in which plywood is classified and these classifications are usually based on the different aspects of plywood such as the wood used, the number of plies it has, its suitability for indoor and outdoor use, its grading as per quality specifications, and its intended uses.

We offer Belmonte Gurjan Plywood. The product we supply is IS-710 approved. Our product resists Borer and Termite efficiently for a long time.We offer extremely qualitative Gurjan Plywood. We offer our Gurjan Plywood in various thicknesses and shapes. Made with high quality imported wood, our Gurjan Plywood is constantly appreciated for excellent termite resistance. Our Plywood is offered in different varieties. We offer our Gurjan Plywood at very affordable price.

Alias Names Gurjan Plywood
IS Code IS:710
Water resistantance Excellent water Resistant
Price Range / Square Feet Rs 90- Rs 170 for 19mm Boards
Raw Material Types / Species of wood veneers used Gurjan Veneers
Area of Applications Exteriors
Used for Used in Exteriors / Adverse weather conditions / sun decks
Thicknesses Available (in mm) 6 / 9 / 12 / 19
Normal Sizes (L X B) (in Feet) 8’x 4′