Recon Veneer

RECON VENEER : – Recon wood veneers are actual wood fibers and are made from fast growing trees in managed forests.  Recon veneers are a renewable product and also it is an environmentally friendly alternative to some of the rarer and extremely expensive veneers.
Recon veneers are fabricated from manmade fitches and they are virtually defect free.  Because recon veneers are “real wood” they need to be sealed with a finish.  The finish will help accentuate the color and figure of the grain.   Recon veneer color will get much lighter if it is over exposed to sunlight and weathering.  Just as with natural wood, you need to apply a coating of UV lacquer to protect your recon veneered project.
Recon veneers are greatly different from plastic laminate.  Recon veneers will give you consistency in grain pattern and color, like laminate but because they are actual wood fibers they are flexible and are natural in texture and appearance.  It is a great option for projects that veneer color and consistency is critical from start to finish.  With recon veneers you have the ability to order 200 sheets in 4×8, and you’re going to have uniformity that you’re not going to find in a natural veneer.
Recon veneers are made from secondary wood species (generally Italian poplar) that are sliced, dyed, layered, and laminated in alternating layers and in specific ways in order to represent a different species.  The process produces veneers that are natural looking.